What is it like to be adopted?

This post is in honor of National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM). Please listen to adoptees first during this month-long awareness campaign! As an adoptee, I can appreciate this question from people who are not adopted. I think non-adopted people have a genuine curiosity about adopted people because we are not the norm. I repeat: we […]

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I was born into one family and chosen by another. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? A lot of times adoptees are told they were or are chosen. Such as… Chosen by God to be adopted (aka God’s plan) Chosen by the adoptive parents to complete their family Chosen to live this remarkably blessed and fortunate life Essentially […]

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You could always adopt.

You could always adopt. Our culture throws this phrase around like it’s confetti on New Year’s Eve.  I want to be very clear on the message of my post: Adoption is not the remedy to infertility or any other reason why a couple cannot conceive (health, miscarriages, etc.) a child of their own. Yet, adoption […]

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A Better Friend

On my drive home from Northwest Arkansas, I talked on the phone with one of my closest friends. She and I met in Spanish class in college. We laughed together at the guy who was always late, complained about our professor’s unreasonable expectations and tried our very best to learn the language. We had for […]

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Over the past several months, I have questioned over and over again the concept of “family” and what it means to me. What I found was concerning because it feels like my own unbreakable definition was actually shattered this entire time. In 2018, I chose to not attend my family’s Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. It was […]

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Birthmother Search

Birthmother Search — sounds strange, doesn’t it? The search for the person who carried you to term and gave you life. Everyone who is alive should know their own biological mother, yet many adoptees don’t know this person at all. That’s why the birthmother search exist. I am so excited for my Indian sisters – […]

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