Everyone has longings. Some long of peace, some long for possessions, some long for purpose. And then there are some, like me, who long for people. For me, two people to be exact. Lately I’ve been having these very somber moments of grief. They’re like quicksand; I sink slowly into them as soon as they […]

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I was driving to Northwest Arkansas when I gradually entered a heavy patch of fog. I knew going into the deep of it that at some point I would come out on the other side, my visibility as clear as before I entered. As I drove forward, the light, airy cloud whisking past my windows […]

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This post is written by Deborah Dumais. Deborah was adopted from Pune, India, and flew on the plane with Christina, Rekha and two other babies to America. She lives in Maine with her husband and two sons. Mother. I had one, I have one, I am one. It’s never been a secret to me or […]

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Don’t you just love your birthday? It’s the one day you get permission to think about no one else but yourself. – because it’s the day you were born, and that’s worth celebrating. It’s your beginning…the day, time even, you recognize year after year with cake, presents and smiles – all celebrating one thing, your […]

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Every adoptee has a before…a before they were adopted. While the details of our ‘befores’ may be different, it is something we all have and that we all share. Because before adoption became part of our story, we were born and we existed. Then something happened, and we could no longer be cared for by […]

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Breakthrough; noun: a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development. It’s safe to say that I had a major breakthrough last week. One that I will do my very best to describe to you while still in awe of what happened. As you know from my more recent blog posts, a lot has happened in […]

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I was touching the sky. Seeing its light. Flying so high. Incredible sights. Then the wind shifted And I started to shake. Jolted, uneasy Made my heart break. Bracing for impact Further I sank. Lost and alone No fuel in the tank. Resting on fumes Jaded and worn. Maybe the turbulence Was more like a […]

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