Over the past several months, I have questioned over and over again the concept of “family” and what it means to me. What I found was concerning because it feels like my own unbreakable definition was actually shattered this entire time. In 2018, I chose to not attend my family’s Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations. It was […]

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Birthmother Search

Birthmother Search — sounds strange, doesn’t it? The search for the person who carried you to term and gave you life. Everyone who is alive should know their own biological mother, yet many adoptees don’t know this person at all. That’s why the birthmother search exist. I am so excited for my Indian sisters – […]

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I recently read a blog post that included a fantastic quote addressing two extreme viewpoints of adoption. “Adoption is anything BUT a black and white issue. Anyone who tells you “Adoption is wonderful!” is just as misguided as someone who tells you “Adoption is horrible!” In both cases, they have filtered out all but a […]

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I started blogging about my adoption story over a year ago. I’ve had many criticisms on my writings, from total strangers to people I know personally.  And while the critics do exist (and will always exist), there are so many more people who are cheering me (and other adoptees) on to share and share more. […]

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Everyone has longings. Some long of peace, some long for possessions, some long for purpose. And then there are some, like me, who long for people. For me, two people to be exact. Lately I’ve been having these very somber moments of grief. They’re like quicksand; I sink slowly into them as soon as they […]

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I was driving to Northwest Arkansas when I gradually entered a heavy patch of fog. I knew going into the deep of it that at some point I would come out on the other side, my visibility as clear as before I entered. As I drove forward, the light, airy cloud whisking past my windows […]

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This post is written by Deborah Dumais. Deborah was adopted from Pune, India, and flew on the plane with Christina, Rekha and two other babies to America. She lives in Maine with her husband and two sons. Mother. I had one, I have one, I am one. It’s never been a secret to me or […]

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